Devin G.

I’ve always disliked trips to the optometrist, but for once I found myself at ease here.  As far as I can tell, the doctor (Greg Wenom) is very knowledgeable.  The doctor was very patient with the rather annoying “lens 1 or lens 2” type tests especially on the very annoying pairs that seem especially close.  His recommendations were clear and he provided enough of the reasoning for his recommendations that I was able to understand why he made the recommendations that he did.

Just as importantly, I found the staff to be knowledgeable and easy to deal with.  I have noticed that often it is easy to find a good doctor or to find a good staff, but finding both at the same time can be a surprisingly difficult task.  But I think I have succeeded with this optometrist.

This has easily been the best experience at an optometrist that I have had.